Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary Photography Workshop

Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary Photography Workshop

A NEW Photography Workshop with Tamara Lackey and Kristi Odom and Jen Waicukauski

Sept 25th - Sept 30th, 2023

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Details to be announced soon!


Kristi Odom

Kristi Odom is an internationally acclaimed photographer, a Nikon Ambassador, an associate fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and a motivational speaker. A photographer and filmmaker, her work focuses on connecting people emotionally to animals and celebrating those who have a connection to the natural world.

Her accolades include over 60 international photography awards including 2 Nature’s Best Photography awards, which exhibited her images at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Her work has appeared either online and/or in print for the following clients: National Geographic, Nikon, Forbes, Rollingstone, Microsoft and Outside Magazine. Learn more about Kristi on her website:

Tamara Lackey

Tamara Lackey is a renowned professional photographer, Nikon USA Ambassador, author and show host. She speaks at a wide range of programs and conventions on the power of photography, presenting at Google, Disney, CES, Photo Plus Expo, Harvard Law School and more. She has shot a series of commercial photography campaigns for Nikon and was also selected to present her work on stage as part of the Nikon Global Launch Event in Tokyo, helping to introduce a new line of ground-breaking mirrorless camera systems.

Tamara has co-produced and hosted multiple live broadcasts for creativeLIVE and other livecast media, and she hosted her popular web series, The reDefine Show, for seven years. Her newest TV show, Chasing Frames with Tamara Lackey, focuses on capturing experiences and adventures through photography and is broadcast on PBS North Carolina and on

Tamara leads photography adventure workshops around the world and is the author of nine books, Her latest is The Posing Playbook. In addition to being a Nikon Ambassador, Tamara also has the distinction of being recognized as a Legend of Light by Profoto, an ON1 Guru and she is also part of the Think Tank Pro Team.

Tamara is the Executive Director of Beautiful Together, a non-profit she co-founded in 2014 that is focused on a mission she cares about deeply: connecting animals in need of refuge with children living in underserved communities. Beautiful Together is currently building out 83 acres of property in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to house an animal sanctuary and host local youth programs, while still continuing ongoing work in Ethiopia, as well.

Tamara Lackey Nikon Ambassador

Jen Waicukauski

Jen is midwest raised with a west coast heart. It was her love of the Bay Area that helped her decide to drop everything and travel across the country to earn her BA in fine art photography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. While earning her degree, Jen displayed her work in dozens of art shows and galleries. Shortly after graduating, Jen was honored to be invited back as a substitute instructor. While Jen was teaching at Academy of Art, she also branched out to assist artist Rondall Partridge and continued to hang her art in various art shows in the Bay Area and beyond.

Though she was deeply in love with the art world and just beginning to grow her reputation there, Jen also saw the potential of Looking Glass Photo and wanted to take it to the next level. She saw how the store and its staff were inspiring and helping a whole community of photo enthusiasts and wanted to maximize this potential. After taking the helm at Looking Glass Photo, Jen quickly established a photography school curriculum designed to further inspire and nurture the community she serves. She also masterminded numerous charitable events and photography campaigns to raise money for various causes. To put it simply, Jen runs Looking Glass the same way she leads her life: with a commitment to community and social responsibility. She truly believes that photography can change the world and make people’s lives better.